Our Staff Team

Our Teaching Team


Revd Norris

Revd D Norris

Executive Headteacher



Mrs Walton

Mrs E Walton

Head of School



Mrs Bowerman

Mrs H Bowerman

Early Years Team Leader

Mrs Isherwood

Mrs M Isherwood

Key Stage One Leader

Mrs Chadier

Mrs N Chadier

Lead Teacher for French
and Bilingual Curriculum



 Mrs Patel

Mrs A Patel

Early Years Teacher



Mrs Tyler

Mrs G Tyler

Early Years Teacher



Miss Vamadevan

Miss A Vamadevan

Early Years Teacher



Mrs Peters

Mrs Peters

Higher Level Teaching Assistant



Mrs Fritz

Mrs S Fritz

Bilingual Teaching Assistant



Miss Le Roux Prince

Mrs A Prince

Bilingual Teaching Assistant



Mrs Sterling

Mrs E Sterling

Bilingual Teaching Assistant



Miss Saleh

Miss A Saleh

Teaching Assistant



Our Operational Management Team

Mrs Smith

Mrs K Smith

School Business Manager

Mrs T Stebbing

Office Manager

Mr Towler

Mr P Towler

Site Manager

Miss Doyle

Mrs L Doyle