Monthly Archives: April 2016

We have made 60 offers

19 Apr 2016

We have offered places at our school to 60 children and their families.

We appreciate that some of those people who have applied to our school will be disappointed and we are now running a waiting list.
We expect there to be significant movement on the waiting list during April and May. Our office staff will be happy to try and answer any questions you may have. 020 7932 1178

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National Offers Day

14 Apr 2016

It is National Offers Day on Monday. We will be sending a letter to all the parents and carers who applied for their children to attend our school on Friday. This letter will be sent second class, so some of you may receive it on Saturday, but the majority of you will receive it on Monday. From noon on Monday we will also be sending out an email to each family that applied. You will be sent a letter and an email if your child has been offered a place in our first round of offers or your child has been added to our waiting list.

If we offer your child a place you will need to return our Offer Form to us, either by email or by post to accept or decline the place. The form will need to be returned to us by Tuesday 3 May. If anyone declines our offer we will reoffer to the next person on our waiting list straightaway.

Do please give us a call if you have any questions, but do bear in mind that next week will be busy.

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