Monthly Archives: July 2018

Holiday Club Wednesday

25 Jul 2018

Mrs Doyle led the cookery day today. We made vanilla cupcakes, fruit salad and pitta bread pizza, before icing our cupcakes. The children weighed the ingredients, mixed them, chopped fruit, and spread tomato base and sprinkled cheese on to their pizzas, mixed and coloured icing and topped their cakes in a variety of colours. We also had time for football, board games and lego building.

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Holiday Club Monday

24 Jul 2018

Our first ever day of our first ever holiday club was filled with music and drama. We thank Mrs Marney, Mrs Henton and Mrs Peters for making the day such a success.


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Harrow Music Education Hub

20 Jul 2018

We thank our friends at Harrow Music Education Hub who gave us a wonderful concert today. They explained the sections of the orchestra and performed beautifully. The children and staff enjoyed dancing at the end. We hope the relationship between our school and HMEH continues to grow in the years to come.

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Reception Trip

18 Jul 2018

With so much going on lately we have not posted photos of the Reception trip. Here are just a few images of our time at Kenton Recreation Ground

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Wednesday – Transition, Parent Information Session and Singing Show

17 Jul 2018

It’s another big day in our last week of the year tomorrow.
In the morning children in our current Reception and Year 1 will meet their new teachers who will be looking after them from September as part of our Transition Day.
In the afternoon at 1.30pm we will serve refreshments in the hall and at  1.45pm, Mme Chadier will present a Parent Information Session for Reception and Year 1 parents followed by our singing show at 2.30pm.

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Sports Day

16 Jul 2018

Many thanks to all those who came to our Sports Day today, special mention to Harrow School for allowing us to use their facilities, our teaching staff for organising the races and our office staff for managing the emails and forms that allowed us to know who was going home and who was staying and our support team of Year 6 pupils from Holy Trinity School. We thank all the children for being great sports.
Well done Team Green Tree.

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Sublime Science

13 Jul 2018

Sublime Science will join us on Tuesday. We are delighted that the PFTA have both championed this organisation coming into school and have also generously agreed to pay for it.
Each class will get a session of about an hour and the day will end, weather permitting, with the launching of rockets from our playground.

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Football flags

13 Jul 2018

This week we have been making flags. Although now out of the World Cup we hope your ‘second’ team does well.


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Sports Day Friday 13th July

6 Jul 2018

Parents are invited to join us at Harrow School on Friday 13th July. Our Sports Day will start at 10.30am and finish after our family picnic at approx 1pm.
Parents wishing to join us will find us at the bottom of Garlands Lane on Harrow on the Hill. Children will be given a packed lunch and parents may bring their own lunch with them and enjoy the sunshine and the sporting achievements of our Reception and Year 1 children. Further details are available in the letter sent out on Thursday 5 July which can be found here.

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