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Lights, Camel, Action!

10 Dec 2018

Have you booked your seats for our production of LIGHTS, CAMEL, ACTION! on Wednesday 12th December at 9.30am and 2pm? If you haven’t yet please do so today.

Here’s the Nativity Arrangement Letter…/Nativity-Arrangements.p…

Once you have booked your tickets our school will run off a list so we know how many chairs to put out and who is coming to which performance. We will not be replying to each booking to say that your booking is confirmed. We are allocating two seats per family, please do not put staff in the position where they have to turn people away who exceed their allocation.

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Christmas Cards

10 Dec 2018

Our post boxes are now ready to welcome Christmas Cards from/for pupils and staff. We do like any excuse for your child to do a bit of writing.

However, this year we have introduced an alternative to writing cards which you may wish to consider. You may wish as an alternative to buy a book for the school library.

You can pick up a bookplate from the school office and stick it into the front of the book, and perhaps ask your child to complete the plate with ‘to’ St. Jérôme Church of England Bilingual School and from your child’s name.

Which book shall I buy I hear you say!

Well we’ve thought about that as well!

Books for Reception…/100-best-picture-books-t…/

Books for Year 1…/suggested-reading-list-y…/

Books for Year 2…/suggested-reading-list-y…/

It doesn’t matter if we get more than one copy of the same book. Your book does not need to be wrapped, you can present it to Mrs Walton, Mrs Stebbing or Mrs Smith.

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Advent Service

5 Dec 2018

Many thanks to all the parents and carers who came to our Advent Service today. We hope you didn’t get too wet.

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an alternative to christmas cards

4 Dec 2018

We have been asked by some parents/carers if there is an alternative to sending individual Christmas Cards to other members of your child’s class.
Some have mentioned it’s a bit of a time-consuming exercise and others have mentioned the environmental cost.
Therefore we have thought about an alternative. If you have already written cards that’s terrific and the school postboxes will shortly appear, as they have in previous years.
If you would rather send one card to the whole class we will display these cards for others to see and these too can be posted in our postboxes that will arrive in the foyer on 10th December. If you would also like to buy a book for our school instead of sending cards we will be happy to stick a bookplate into the book stating who the gift came from. If you need advice on which book to purchase please speak to the relevant class teacher.

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reverse advent calendar

4 Dec 2018

We are, once again, running our Reverse Advent Calendar. This year we are collecting for Harrow Foodbank between Monday 3rd December and Friday 14th December.
Children are welcome to bring an item every day or give, whatever you can, once during the two weeks. Whatever you can give, of the items below, will be gratefully received.
Tinned Carrots
Tinned Spaghetti
Small Jars of Coffee
Tinned Irish Stew
Tinned Hot Dogs
Small Packets Dried Potato
Small Laundry Powder/Liquid
Children’s Toothbrushes

If you need any help yourself please speak to Mrs Walton.

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