Monthly Archives: June 2020

School Lunches

24 Jun 2020

Have you ordered your child’s school lunch?
If your child is in key worker provision, in Year 1 provision or in Reception provision. You need to order their school lunch for the days they are in.

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Year 2 and Year 3

17 Jun 2020

Parent or carer of a child in Year 2 or Year 3?
The google classrooms log in letter was email to you today and is also on our website here 
Let’s get your child in.

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Reception Parents

16 Jun 2020

Are you sending your child to Reception next week?
Some children will come to school on Monday and Tuesday and some on Thursday and Friday.
Whichever two days your child is coming there are set arrive and collection times.

Matisse arrive between 9:05am and 9:15am
and are to be collected between 2:35pm and 2.45pm

Monet arrive between 9:15am and 9:25am
and are collected between 2:45pm and 2:55pm


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Home Learning Week Beginning Monday 15 June

12 Jun 2020

Our home learning for the week beginning Monday 15 June 2020 is now on our website. Year 1 parents can also view the video and share it with their children, on how they should access the school if they are returning next week.

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Year 1 Parents

7 Jun 2020

All Year 1 parents and carers need to respond to the letter emailed to them on Friday. Please use the Google form within the letter and respond by 1pm on Monday at the very latest

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