Admissions 2018

We are proposing to change our admissions policy for our September 2018 intake. Our draft policy can be viewed here. The consultation for this change in policy has now closed. This policy will now go back to our Governing Body to be approved.

Why are you changing your policy now?

When we wrote our initial admissions policy we, obviously, had no children in our school. We now have one year’s worth of data on where our school families live.
We know how many foundation/faith applications we received and how many community place applications. We are also more aware of the concerns of our families, the concerns of the local authority in relation to how families travel to school and the traffic implication that causes.

In summary what are you proposing to change?

We would like you to read our whole policy before commenting, but in simple terms we propose to move our sibling criterion, above our Foundation and Community place criteria.

If my child joined the school in 2016 or 2017 what difference does the proposed change in the admissions policy make to me?

The proposed policy makes no difference to a child that is already in our school. However, if that child has a younger sibling that you also wish to come to our school in increases the likelihood of the younger sibling being offered a place.

I really like this idea, why can’t it be in place for September 2017

Any change to an admissions policy has to be open for public consultation. As people are already applying for places for 2017 we wouldn’t wish to change a policy halfway through that process.

I’ve got a question, who can I speak to?

You can speak to our admissions team on 020 7932 1178 or email them at [email protected]