Applying for a place 2017

Application via the local authority have now closed.

When will the offers be sent out?

Offer emails will be sent out by the local authority for our 60 places in Reception on 18 April 2017.

When do I need to accept the place by?

People will need to accept places by 2 May 2017, but if you accept or indeed decline your place earlier it will help speed up the system.

I haven’t been offered the school that I want?

Following National Offer Day there is generally some movement on school lists, so don’t give up hope. Do speak to the local authority and inform them that you are unhappy.

Once I accept the offer what happens?

Once all the offers have been accepted and reoffers have taken place if necessary, you will receive communications from St. Jérôme Church of England Bilingual School that will give you more information about the school and any events we are running before your child starts with us.

If I have been offered another school but want St. Jérôme Church of England Bilingual School , what should I do?

Between National Offer day and the start of school in September there is generally some movement, families move away, choose private education etc. You should accept the place offered by the local authority but MUST contact us, via phone or email to confirm that you wish to be added to our waiting list. If a place becomes available we will offer this to the child that is at the top of our waiting list in line with our admissions policy criteria.

How do I appeal?

Please see our appeals page here

Can I ask a question?

Any questions contact Mrs Stebbings at our school on 020 3019 6363 or email [email protected]