Christmas Cards

Our post boxes are now ready to welcome Christmas Cards from/for pupils and staff. We do like any excuse for your child to do a bit of writing.

However, this year we have introduced an alternative to writing cards which you may wish to consider. You may wish as an alternative to buy a book for the school library.

You can pick up a bookplate from the school office and stick it into the front of the book, and perhaps ask your child to complete the plate with ‘to’ St. Jérôme Church of England Bilingual School and from your child’s name.

Which book shall I buy I hear you say!

Well we’ve thought about that as well!

Books for Reception…/100-best-picture-books-t…/

Books for Year 1…/suggested-reading-list-y…/

Books for Year 2…/suggested-reading-list-y…/

It doesn’t matter if we get more than one copy of the same book. Your book does not need to be wrapped, you can present it to Mrs Walton, Mrs Stebbing or Mrs Smith.