Joining Reception in September 2020

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School admissions for children joining our Reception classes in September 2020 are now open.
You should receive information from your local authority about the process. Harrow Local Authority will publish a guide which we will upload here when it is ready.

We are delighted that you are considering our school for your child.
We are a bilingual (English and French) Church of England Primary school that welcomes children and families of all faiths and none.

Which year groups will you be opening in September 2020?

St. Jérôme Church of England Bilingual School opened in September 2016 with 60 children in our two Reception classes.
Each September following opening we will welcome another 60 children of Reception age in our Matisse and Monet classes. Year 1 are divided between Turner and Stubbs classes and  Year 2 are divided between Le Brun and Bonheur. Our Year 3 classes are Beale and Carlisle.

Will you have some Open Days so we can come and look round?

Yes, we certainly will. Our open days are a great opportunity to look round our school, meet some of our staff and ask any questions you may have.
You’ll find more details on our Open Days page which you can find here.

How many places will be available?

60 places each year

How do I apply?

We are part of co-ordinated admissions. The deadline for ontime admissions via your local authority has now past. Any applications received by the local authority will be considered after all onetime applications.

If you would like to apply for a faith/foundation place at St. Jérôme Church of England Bilingual School, we have 12 available each year, you MUST ALSO fill in our Supplementary Information Form and get this signed by your vicar, pastor, rector, priest etc and return it to our school by 15th January 2020. As this deadline has now past all further applications will be considered AFTER ontime applications.

Download the 2020 Supplementary Information form here

For more information about admissions download our Admissions Policy and Oversubscription Criteria 2020 here

What are your oversubscription criteria?

If we receive more applications than there are places available applications will be prioritised according to the following oversubscription criteria:

  1. Children who are Looked After or Previously Looked After
  2. Children whose parents are founders of St. Jérôme Church of England Bilingual School and who have been granted this provision by the Secretary of State for Education (applies to two families)
  3. Children with a Sibling on roll at St Jérôme when they apply
  4. This is a Church of England school and up to 12 places in each cohort are designated as Foundation places
    (i) Child and at least one parent or carer who worships regularly in an Anglican Church
    (ii) Child and at least one parent or carer who worships regularly in a church or chapel of another Christian denomination which is a member of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland and/or The Evangelical Alliance.
  5.  The remaining places are designated as Open places and allocated to children who live closest to the school

What relationship do you consider a ‘sibling’?

‘Sibling’ refers to brother or sister, half brother or sister, adopted brother or sister, stepbrother or sister, foster brother or sister or the child of the parent/carer’s partner where the child for whom the place is sought is living in the same family unit at the same address as the sibling. A sibling relation does not apply when the child currently on roll (in the school) will leave the school before the sibling starts.

In relation to church attendance, how do you define ‘worships regularly’?

 ‘Regularly’ is defined as attendance by a child and parent/guardian/carer at a Church/Chapel at least twice a month for a minimum period of two years immediately before the date of application.

How will you calculate distance?

Distance is measured in a straight line using a computerised mapping system based on ordnance survey data. The measurement is taken from the address point for the home address to the centre point of the school site. We urge parents to remember that the ‘catchment area/admissions footprint’ from one year to another can alter greatly.

My child has special educational needs. Can I still apply?

Absolutely. If your child has a statement of special educational needs or an EHCP your child will be admitted if St Jerome is the named school. If your child has special educational needs but no statement or ECHP you should apply using the usual process. If you would like to talk to someone about your child’s needs before you apply you can contact us at the school office. Call us on 020 3019 6363 or email [email protected]

My child does not speak French. Can we still apply?

Yes. There is no priority for French-speakers and the curriculum is designed for children who will be starting French for the first time as well as those who are already bilingual.

We are not Christians. Can we still apply?

Absolutely. As a Church of England School our ethos underpins all of school life, however all aspects of the school day will be relevant and appropriate for all the children on the school roll. As we have met with local parents from a range of backgrounds to discuss the plans for the school, feedback has been very clear that the values and ethics that underpin Church of England schools have a universal appeal and are supported by many families of different faiths and no faith. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds.

When will my child start school?

When your child starts school depends when they were born, and we do appreciate this can be confusing.

Born Between Start
1 September 2015 – 31 August 2016 September 2020
1 September 2014 – 31 August 2015 September 2019
1 September 2013 – 31 August 2014 September 2018
1 September 2012 – 31 August 2013 September 2017

My child will be one of the youngest in the class. Can they start school later than September?

Legally children do not need to be in full-time school until the first day of the term following their fifth birthday. Although most parents want their children to start school with their classmates in September, parents can decide to defer the start date, especially for younger children. The process is set out in more detail in our application policy.

I still have questions. Is there anyone that I can talk to about applying for a place?

Absolutely. You can contact our school office on 020 3019 6363, there is an answerphone if we are out of the office, or email us at [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you.