Learning Support

We have created this page to help parents understand what their children are learning at our school. We hope to update it as the weeks progress. If you have any suggestions on what more you would like to see do email the school office on [email protected] 

Many thanks to all those parents who joined us on Tuesday 23 May for our French Breakfast and Information Session.
We hope you enjoyed learning what is in Sac Magique as much as we did.
We were asked about a summer school for children and there are no plans for this for 2017.

Parents mentioned enjoying learning French themselves with Duolingo which you can download to a smartphone or see online here https://www.duolingo.com/ You can even create a learning group to motivate you.

You can see Mme Chadier presentation from ourFrench Breakfast and Information Session below:-

See the presentation here.

We have created a virtual wall for you to comment on and share with us how and when your children use french outside of the classroom, what we call our St Jérôme miracles On padlet – you can download this to your phone we have created a ‘virtual wall’ containing this presentation there is also an invitation to contribute to the session.


Also do follow us on Pinterest to enjoy French stories and songs https://uk.pinterest.com/s_jrme/ and don’t forget St Jérôme TV.


Camembear is always learning