Our New Community Choir

Our school would like to launch a community choir for parents, carers and staff at St Jerome to support the musical life of the school.
Jo McNally and Helen Clague (music teachers at school) intend to trial this idea with 3 short rehearsals to learn a couple of carols to sing with the children at the Carol Service on Wednesday 18 December 9.30am at St John’s Church.

The rehearsals will be:-
Friday 8 Nov, Friday 15 Nov and Friday 6 Dec from 3.30pm-4.15pm in school.

You are welcome to bring your children to sit quietly with you during these rehearsals or to sing with us all. No previous musical ability is necessary, just an enjoyment of singing!

If you are interested in being part of this Christmas choir, then please email Mrs Clague at [email protected] informing us of the rehearsals you are able to attend.
If you can let us know if you are bass, tenor, alto or soprano that would be good too. (if you know such a thing!)
Alternatively come and speak to Mrs Claque to sign up in the school playground this FRIDAY 1 NOV after school.