Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics at Cambridge University

The Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics was created on 1 August 2011 by merging the former Department of Linguistics and the Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics. The Department is part of the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages.

The Department pursues an interdisciplinary approach to theoretical and applied linguistics and avoids uncritical adherence to particular views and theories. Building on the strengths of the previous institutions, the new department covers a comprehensive range of the language sciences and offers excellent theoretical and empirical research in a broad spread of fields from historical linguistics and comparative syntax to language processing and computational linguistics.

We have been delighted with the support they have given to us in exploring bilingualism for primary school children. We will continue to work with the department to share ideas and best practice as St Jérôme grows.

You may already be aware that St. Jérôme School has secured a long-term research partnership with the Cambridge University Bilingual Network. We know this partnership will help us to make sure that we are always offering the very best to our children, and we are very excited to announce that the Cambridge University Bilingual Network is launching its first piece of academic research with and for St. Jérôme School. This is the first stage of our long-term research partnership and we would love you to take part.

By completing the survey you will be contributing to ongoing research into bilingual education. All data will be analysed by researchers at Cambridge University and all individual survey responses will remain confidential. The research findings and conclusions will be shared with St. Jérôme School before the school opens and this feedback will be invaluable in helping us with our planning, to make sure that every child makes good progress and benefits from the bilingual environment. The researchers are interested in hearing from a wide range of parents: those who have already applied for a place at the school, those who are considering applying for a place in the future, and those who have a more general interest in bilingual education – so please feel free to forward this newsletter and the link to the survey to anyone you know who has young children.

The survey will take about 15 minutes. Thank you for your help.


A report on biliteracy in primary school education