School Council – Elections

At the same time as the General Election on Thursday 12th December, St Jérôme School will be holding our very own election for School Council representatives. Two children from each class in Years 1 -3, will have the opportunity to stand for these important posts. Children who are currently on the School Council can, of course, stand again.

If your child would like the opportunity to become a member of the School Council, please support them with writing a short manifesto (just a few short lines) explaining why they believe they would be an excellent representative for their class and for the school. What changes would they like to see? How can we make our school the best it can be? What ideas do they have regarding the future of St Jérôme School?

This manifesto is simply to act as an aid to help your child remember what to say. Voters do not need a copy; therefore there is no need to print copies for the class etc.

‘Manifestos’ should be ready by Tuesday 10th December. There will be time for your child to present to their class between Tuesday 10th and Election Day on Thursday 12th December.

A democratic vote will be held and every child will have the opportunity to vote. The newly appointed School Councillors will be announced in The Quill on Friday 13th December.

We look forward to hearing all the brilliant ideas your children have and, furthermore, giving them the voice they so rightly deserve.