Virtual Sports Day

On your marks, get set, GO!

As we are in very different circumstances this year, unfortunately sports day cannot take place in its usual manner. This year, we will be running a Virtual Sports Day and this will be a children vs teacher event. Each child will aim to beat the score of the teacher in the events.

Families can decide when to complete the Virtual Sports Day activities and submit their child’s scores via the google form below by Thursday 16th July.

The virtual sports day will include 6 events. Each teacher taking part will give a full demonstration of the activity and then complete the task. All events can be completed at home and no specialist equipment is needed.

Our videos will show you each event. Each event will last for 30 seconds. Why not have a few goes and let us know your best attempt via the Google Form at the bottom of this page.

Mr Wade and Mme Mills are our instructors. You don’t need any specialist equipment but do make sure you have enough space for each event. Wear something comfortable that you can run and stretch in. Do keep hydrated between events and maybe have a little rest regularly. Most importantly do remember to keep count and let us know how you do. If you would like to send us videos of your child doing our Virtual Sports Day Events these can be sent to [email protected] – do remember to say if you are happy for us to use your videos on our website or not.

Here is Mr Wade’s Introduction video


Our first event is Press Ups

Let’s see Mr Wade demonstrate before we have a try. Remember it’s only for 30 seconds, so get someone to time you. Remember too to drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Can you get close to Mr Wade’s impressive 26 press ups in 30 seconds? Maybe you can do 5 or 6.

Our second event is Potato and Spoon Race

You might know about an egg and spoon race, but this can get messy. Our potato ands spoon race is a safer alternative. If you haven’t got a potato, maybe use an aubergine or a tomato or a sprout! Ms Rooney managed 12 laps in 30 seconds, how many can you do?


Our Third Event is The Hurdles

For this event you will need three tea towels or towels or something else low that you can jump over. 36 hurdles were jumped by Ms Abousaada, can you do better than her?


Our Fourth Event is Star Jumps

Make sure you have lots of space for this event. Mrs Al Hakam did 25! How many can you do? Watch out for the ceiling!


Our fifth event is Crunches or Sit Ups

You don’t need to have a bench to put your feet under, so don’t worry about that. M Reynolds managed 12 and Ms Dear did 14 in 30 seconds. Can you beat them?


Our sixth event is Squats

Watch the video closely so you can do the best squats. Mrs Clarke and Ms Mills both did 19 in 30 seconds. Can you do better?


Phew! Time for a rest? Time for a drink of water.

We do hope you have enjoyed taking part. We don’t need your scores until Thursday 16th July so you could redo some or all of the events to try and beat your own score and get better. Parents and carers should complete the Google Form and return it to is by Thursday 16th July.

We hope these activities have added some fun during these very difficult times.

Stay safe and we hope to see everyone soon.

Here is the link to the Google form