Year 1

Trinity Term:

Year 1 child singing in French

We are very proud of the progress our children are making.

Epiphany Term:

March 2019

Our Yr1 have fully benefitted from the presence of our four French student teachers, who spent two weeks conversing with our pupils in French, playing games and reading stories to them. They all have been extremely impressed by their ability to understand authentic French, make themselves understood as well as reading aloud with a perfect accent! We were all so proud to share their achievements with our visitors.

Learning was also focused around the spring season, describing the weather through songs and stories and done some cross-curricular activities with science, learning about living things, animals, plants and the life cycle of a sunflower, which they acted out (some said spontaneously : soleil fleur for tournesol, which is very clever!).

They also discovered the French tradition of Poisson d’avril (ask them to explain it to you) as you can see below:

Our Yr1 pupils learning about the French April Fool’s Day tradition: Poisson d’avril!

Here are the links to all our Easter songs and stories:

and all done so far in Yr1:

Joyeuses Pâques et bonnes vacances ! Happy Easter and enjoy your holiday!

Yr1 writing and illustrating bilingual Easter cards for our partner school in Lorraine.





Camembear en Bretagne
January 2019 – February 2019

Bonne année et bonne santé !

The start of the New Year has been blessed with the celebrations of Epiphany and all our pupils have revisited the French tradition of the Galette des rois Camembear is now visiting his family in Brittany we have been exploring this beautiful region, where we have a partner school. We have been learning lots of songs containing question and answers about oneself, to be able to have some basic French conversations We also celebrated French Pancake day on 2nd Februaryêpes/and wrote cards in hearts for our families for Valentine’s Day Seasonal songs and stories can be enjoyed here

For all main songs and stories covered so far, please explore regularly our constantly updated 2018-2019 Yr1 Pinterest Board

February 2019

Phonics Screen Check Presentation 14th February 2019

January 2019

In our Year 1 Maths lessons next week we will be looking at how we can split different shapes into halves and quarters AND we will begin to learn how to tell the time.

Halves and quarters of shapes activity

Telling the time – o’clock activity

December 2018

Year 1 have now learnt to read aloud all French vowels and are starting to sound out French words. In geography they are becoming more and more familiar with the 7 continents, naming them in both French and English. They particularly enjoyed this song: in English, which they translate into French. Please explore with them any maps and globes, talk about continents and countries and especially where your family comes from to give children context. Here is a game they can play to consolidate their learning: This term we have focused on locating France on a map and the globe, next we will be looking at the UK, England and Ireland, which can be practised through this game:

Our pupils have also enjoyed learning about the celebration of St Nicolas in Mr. Lorette’s native region and the nativity and performed their “Chut, chut, viens ici” song wonderfully at our bilingual Lumières, Chameau, Action Performance.

Here are all our Christmas stories and songs to enjoy during the two week break :ël-christmas/

You might also wish to revisit material learnt so far explore our next celebration in January, Epiphany

Joyeux Noël et bonnes fêtes à tous !

November 2018

Here are some handy phonics games to help with learning

Phase 3 phonics games

Phase 4 phonics games

In Maths we have been looking at counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have found a couple of games that could hopefully help your child improve their skills at home.

Practise counting in 2s


Practise counting in 5s


Practise counting in 10s

Yr1 are practising reading French words that contain the a, e and i sounds. They love singing the a, e, i, o u song, “la valse de l’automne” and “Aux Champs-Élysées” with great gusto. They explored primary and secondary colours through the book “trois souris peintres” and painting themselves. They also discovered determiner “le” and “la” in front of French nouns and loved making a bleuet/coquelicot broach they are going to wear for remembrance services.

All resources mentioned above are

You can find Mme Chadier’s presentation of 8th November here.


October 2018

Yr1 are really enjoying our exploration of Paris and learning all about the monuments like la tour Eiffel, la cathédrale Notre-Dame both near the Seine. They love the soundtrack of the filmed animation “ A monster in Paris” (U): and next they will learn the famous Joe Dassin song:

So far they have learned to colour code the a and e vowels to pronounce them in a French way and are recognising key sentences by reading them globally.


The presentation is below.

Curriculum evening powerpoint presentation – 19 September 2018

Phonics and Reading powerpoint presentation – 04 October 2018 

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