Year 2

Year 2 Long-term plan

The long-term year plan will give parents and carers an idea of the subjects covered this year. This is not an exhaustive or prescriptive table.
Some topics may change order, additional topics may be added or removed to meet the needs of the children,

Year 2 long-term plan

Year 2 News

November 2018

Year 2 have been making Rangoli patterns. Rangoli patterns are traditionally drawn with the fingers using flour, rice grains or coloured chalk. Rangoli can be square, rectangular or circular – or a mix of all three. They are often symmetrical. Rangolimotifs are usually taken from Nature – peacocks, swans, mango, flowers and so on.














Yr2 have studiying the poem by Paul Éluard: “Dans Paris” and writing their own sentendes on that model. They also have been writing full descriptive sentences about themselves and London from memory. Whilst practising their neatest handwriting they made individual bilingual cards to send to French penfriends. To prepare for the commemoration of the centenary of WWI and coincide with World Peace Prayer Week, we have been learning the heart-warming song “Enfant de paix”and making bleut/poppy broaches.

To enjoy and consolidate the learning at home, please visit this board:

You can find Mme Chadier’s presentation of 8th November here.

October 2018

Yr2 have been loving writing in French on their mini-whiteboard words with the “ou” and “on” sounds like “bonjour” ou “mouton” and sentences  “je suis anglais/anglaise/français/française etc.” J’habite à Harrow, dans le nord de Londres, en Angleterre.

Here are all resources used up to now: :

Mrs Clarke’s and Ms Haji’s website links  – Lots of fun maths games  – Can you spell the words behind the door? – Bridget the Lioness does the two times table stomp!


School Meeting Presentations

At our recent curriculum meetings parents and carers heard from our staff about what children will be learning this year and how to support them with that learning.
The presentation is below.

Curriculum evening powerpoint presentation – 19 September 2018

Phonics and Reading powerpoint presentation – 4 October 2018

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