Year 2

Year 2 Long-term plan

The long-term year plan will give parents and carers an idea of the subjects covered this year. This is not an exhaustive or prescriptive table.
Some topics may change order, additional topics may be added or removed to meet the needs of the children,

Year 2 long-term plan

Year 2 News

Trinity Term:

June 2019

This week we have been drawing/designing our clay models and then creating them.

May 2019

We hope you enjoyed our recent French Presentation with Mme Chadier
This presentation is here in two parts
Part One

Part Two

Epiphany Term:
March 2019

Our Yr2 have beautifully consolidated learning about themselves and speaking and writing full sentences from memory as well as practising listening exercises.

We have gone through the Radio Labo songs from the BBC, which are very rich in grammatical structures and vocabulary and a fun way to practise reading and listening as well as singing of course! Our four French student teaches and conversations with our Yr2 pupils and were very impressed by their authentic accent and rich conversation. We acquired CGP exercise books and started small guided reading groups for both classes. I can’t wait to share all our new resources and learning programmes with you on Thursday 25th April 8:50 a.m. I hope to see as many parents as possible that morning so I can explain to you all our exciting language adventures of the next term.

To consolidate all our learning so far this academic year, please visit 2018-2019 Yr2 Pinterest Board.

P.S. Here is a little geography revision game I created for our pupils who enjoy reading:

Let me know how it goes.

You can also at anytime let them discover the names of the countries of the world in English in French as well as in all those languages:

Your children can also create their own geography games.

January 2019 – February 2019
Camembear au Canada

Bonne année et bonne santé !

The start of the New Year has been blessed with the celebrations of Epiphany and all our pupils have revisited the French tradition of the Galette des rois We have been accompanying Camembear on his trip to Canada and loved learning about the history, geography and culture of this French speaking country

We also celebrated French Pancake day on 2nd Februaryêpes/and wrote cards in hearts for our families for Valentine’s Day We have also been writing descriptions about ourselves to our French penpals in Brittany. Seasonal songs and stories can be enjoyed here

For all main songs and stories covered so far, please explore regularly our constantly updated 2018-2019 Yr2 Pinterest Board.

February 2019

Our Year 2 pupils are delighted to have received some bilingual mail from our partner school in Brittany! We are busy writing some replies.

January 2019

Our Year 2 presentation held on Thursday 31st January can we viewed here.
Year 2 Questions for Reading Bookmarks can be downloaded here.

In Year 2, we are going to be using Active Learn for maths homework. This consists of games which the children play online to reinforce the learning that week. The children will access the games using their own user name and password (which will be in the back of their reading record book) and will then have access to games given by their class teacher. There are 3 levels of game and the child must start at bronze and work up. Please remind your child not to share their user name or their password with other children.

Please help your child to log in and try the games every day.

Thank you for your support and of course if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

December 2018

Yr2 made all the French team very proud by performing at our bilingual Lumières, Chameau, Action Performance in French with great panache ! Bravo !

In geography they have been speaking and writing about the 7 continents, naming them in both French and English. They particularly enjoyed this song: in English, which they translate into French. Please explore with them any maps and globes, talk about continents and countries and especially where your family comes from to give children context. Here is a game they can play to consolidate their learning: This term we have focused on locating France on a map and the globe, next we will be looking at the UK, England and Ireland, which can be practised through this game:

Our pupils have also enjoyed learning about the celebration of St Nicolas in Mr. Lorette’s native region, la Lorraine.

Here are all our Christmas stories and songs to enjoy during the two week break :ël-christmas/

You might also wish to revisit material learnt so far and explore our next celebration in January, Epiphany Noël et bonnes fêtes à tous !


November 2018

Year 2 have been making Rangoli patterns. Rangoli patterns are traditionally drawn with the fingers using flour, rice grains or coloured chalk. Rangoli can be square, rectangular or circular – or a mix of all three. They are often symmetrical. Rangolimotifs are usually taken from Nature – peacocks, swans, mango, flowers and so on.














Yr2 have studiying the poem by Paul Éluard: “Dans Paris” and writing their own sentendes on that model. They also have been writing full descriptive sentences about themselves and London from memory. Whilst practising their neatest handwriting they made individual bilingual cards to send to French penfriends. To prepare for the commemoration of the centenary of WWI and coincide with World Peace Prayer Week, we have been learning the heart-warming song “Enfant de paix”and making bleut/poppy broaches.

To enjoy and consolidate the learning at home, please visit this board:

You can find Mme Chadier’s presentation of 8th November here.

October 2018

Yr2 have been loving writing in French on their mini-whiteboard words with the “ou” and “on” sounds like “bonjour” ou “mouton” and sentences  “je suis anglais/anglaise/français/française etc.” J’habite à Harrow, dans le nord de Londres, en Angleterre.

Here are all resources used up to now: :

Mrs Clarke’s and Ms Haji’s website links  – Lots of fun maths games  – Can you spell the words behind the door? – Bridget the Lioness does the two times table stomp!


School Meeting Presentations

At our recent curriculum meetings parents and carers heard from our staff about what children will be learning this year and how to support them with that learning.
The presentation is below.

Curriculum evening powerpoint presentation – 19 September 2018

Phonics and Reading powerpoint presentation – 4 October 2018

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