Attendance and Punctuality

Telling us when your child is not coming to school

The school must be notified on the first day of any absence, e.g. for sickness, medical appointments. This notification can be by telephone 020 3019 6363 or email [email protected].

If your child needs to attend a medical or dental appointment during school hours please provide copy of appointment letter/card.

Absences are divided into “authorised” and “unauthorised” absences. Unauthorised absences form part of a report to the Local Education Authority and are noted on pupils’ end of year reports. The school regularly reviews school attendance.

If your child arrives after the register is taken but before 9:30am, they will receive a late mark but the absence will be authorised. If your child arrives after 9:30am the lateness will be deemed an unauthorised absence.

The Local Education Authority

The Local Education Authority may from time to time visit schools to discuss issues about attendance.  They offer support and advice to pupils and families for whom attendance falls below 90%.  The aim is to ensure that all children benefit from the education to which they are entitled.

Full details are in our Attendance and Punctuality Policy which can be downloaded here.


Exceptional leave in term time is actively discouraged and rarely authorised. Your attention is drawn to the school’s Attendance & Punctuality Policy.


The school office or the class teacher will note any excessive numbers of lateness and a letter will be sent to the parent inviting them to a meeting with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Punctuality is an expectation and life skill which should be developed from a young age. If you do arrive after 8.55am please sign in giving the reason for lateness e.g. doctor’s appointment / dental appointment / heavy traffic etc.