At St Jérôme School our teaching of Mathematics is based on the programme of study set in the National Curriculum for England. You can download it here.

Mathematics is principally taught during the daily mathematics lesson in English but the key concepts of mathematics are also revisited during French lessons to ensure that children are able to express their knowledge of mathematics in French as in English. We believe this further consolidates our children’s mathematical understanding and gives them a valuable life skill, being able to express their numeracy in an additional language.

At St Jérôme School we use UK conventions for mathematical symbols, although we do make children aware of the differences in the French speaking world. For example, in the UK we use a decimal point (e.g. 2.4) but in France the comma (or virgule) is used (e.g. 2,4). Likewise, we encourage children to learn the conventions of telling the time in English and French and also include money problems where the currency is Euros.

There are also a range of opportunities for children to develop their mathematical skills in other curriculum subjects for example, recording and representing data in Science, measuring accurately in Design Technology. Every opportunity is taken to develop children’s mathematical skills.

Our daily mathematics lessons are taught by class teachers who carefully differentiate and personalize learning in their classrooms to meet the needs of our children. All teachers use the Abacus Maths Resource Toolkit which ensures there is consistency in how mathematics is planned and taught.

For further details on what is taught please click the link for the relevant year group. Details of the Mathematics taught in Reception can be found on the EYFS page.

Please note that these long-term plans are a guide and that teachers, from time to time, will use their professional judgement to move more quickly through the curriculum or to spend more time consolidating a concept.

Year 1 long-term plan
Year 2 long-term plan
Year 3 long-term plan
Year 4 long-term plan

Often the methods used for teaching calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) are different from those that parents learned. We have developed in partnership with our partner school Holy Trinity a progression grid to ensure consistency in teaching and to support parents. It is important that children learn to calculate mentally and using formal and informal methods. Our suggested progression and guidance can be downloaded below.

General Overview and Addition

There are many opportunities for children to develop their mathematics skills at home. A helpful leaflet can be downloaded here.

Children’s work is marked frequently and children undertake progress tests to check that they have mastered the key knowledge, skills and concepts necessary to move on in their learning.

If you would like to find out more about Mathematics at St Jérôme School please do not hesitate to contact us.