The Development of Reading at St. Jérôme CoE Bilingual School

Our aim is for all of our pupils to develop reading fluency alongside strong comprehension and preferences for wide-ranging, challenging reading material – children who can effectively read to learn as well as read willingly for its inherent pleasure. We believe that children need to read with fluency and understanding to be successful throughout their education and beyond into adulthood. We know that children whose parents/carers regularly read with their children and enjoy conversations about books they have chosen are hugely advantaged and, unless a child has a specific reading difficulty, will make faster progress then those children who do not have those opportunities. We vision our school to be a place where we take positive action to fill this gap in opportunity and enable all children to leave our school equipped with the reading skills to give them the best educational chances. The strategy with which we believe will best deliver this vision has been researched in depth. We acknowledge the 2009 Rose Review’s support of the Simple View of Reading (appendix 1) and the need to build strong synthetic phonics foundations for reading development, which is why we have recently embraced the Phonics Bug Synthetic phonics program. Around and alongside this, we aim to develop children’s vocabulary and comprehension skills. We know that comprehension supports the decoding process and is also the end goal of reading that enables children to become book lovers, who engage in wide-ranging and challenging texts. The pathways for reading that we will employ to deliver this are detailed via the link below:

The Development of Reading at St. Jérôme CoE Bilingual School document