Religious Education

In Church of England schools, where pupils and staff come from all faiths and none, religious education (RE) is a highly valued academic subject that enables understanding of how religion and beliefs affect our lives. At the heart of RE in church schools is the teaching of Christianity and pupils also learn about other faiths and world views.

Our approach to Religious Education is based on the following Church of England guidance. You can download this guidance here:
Statement of Entitlement
Key Principles of a Balanced Curriculum in RE

At St Jérôme Church of England School we teach children about Christianity and also the other faiths that are represented in our local community.

You can download our curriculum plan here.

We encourage all members of our community to take part in RE but appeciate that some parents may wish to discuss the content of our curriculum or our approach in more detail. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from RE. If parents are considering this we encourage them to contact us.