Our PTFA Aims

The families and children of this school are fortunate to benefit from a new environment and resources but over time these will need to be replaced. Whilst the school does have access to funding grants for ICT this will soon cease and the school will need to replace equipment to ensure we stay at the cutting edge of education.

Education budget restraints are very well documented which makes the role of the PTFA even more crticial in raising funds to support the school in its development and enhancement of every child’s education.

A plea was made for parents, teachers, friends to come forward to support this cause. Each and every member of our community will have skills, gifts and connections that can be used to support the school through the PTFA. Every gift of time, no matter how small, is vital in developing our school community. Please consider how you can help.

The key aims of the PTFA are:

  • To build relationships and the community aspect of our school
  • To provide opportunities to offer and share hospitality and promote fellowship so that everyone is included
  • To celebrate the rich diversity of our school community and its gifts and talents
  • To provide memorable experiences for our children
  • To work together to raise funds to enhance the education of the children at St Jérôme School
  • To work together to raise funds to support those in need in our community and beyond
  • To model to our children what can be achieved if we work together

The current committee are

Chair – Hannah Chaudhry
Treasurer – Katy Nidd- Harbin
Secretary – Daniella Lama
Vice Chair – Bhavita Patel
Co Vice Chair – Mrs Bowerman
Co Treasurer – Chetan Bhatt
Co Secretary – Esther Dotse

You can great in touch with the PTFA by speaking to any of the people listed above, or emailing them here 

Future Events


Future Meetings

Future PTFA meetings will be held as informal coffee mornings in the school where all parents/carers and friends are invited to attend to bring fund raising ideas and offers of help.

Class Reps and Events Team

Our PFTA are looking for volunteers to fill the role of class rep and / or events team member. The following parents were nominated and duly elected as class reps with vacancies in 4 classess.
Renoir – May Siow
Monet – Umairah Farooqi
Turner – Ildiko Toth
Stubbs – Janita Kapadia
Le Brun – Laila Bakkali
Bonheur – Rachel Gardner

Job Role description for class reps/ or events team leader is available from the PTFA. Prospective candidates should contact the PTFA for further information.

PTFA Useful Forms

General Data Protection Form – allows the PTFA to contact you directly

Permission to allow an estate agent board to be put up by the firm of estate agents who sponsor the Christmas Bazaar or Summer Fayre

PTFA Powerpoint Presentation 17 January 2019