Dear Parents, Carers, Teachers, Staff and Friends of St Jérôme,

Bonjour à tous de la part de votre nouveau PTFA Committee! Since taking on our new roles a couple of weeks ago, we have been busy completing handover meetings with the former Committee and today we held our very first Committee meeting. Whilst there is clearly still a little way to go until we are fully up and running, we are making good progress and thought we’d start by introducing ourselves to you all in a bit more detail.

Just before we get on to that, I do have a small confession to make…

Until I volunteered for a Committee role, I had never realised that as a parent at St Jérôme, I was automatically considered to be a fully-fledged member of the PTFA; in my experience, when joining a network or association, I would typically be asked to formally sign-up. But not with the PTFA model. So whilst as a Committee we might be a team of 6, in reality with all of you,  we are a team of at least 250!

What I also found out is that our PTFA is a member of PartentKind, which is the leading membership organisation for parent teacher associations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (according to their website anyway!); we have adopted the ParentKind Constitution, which is the document that sets out our purpose. And the purpose of the PTFA as stated in the Constitution is to “advance the education of pupils in the school in particular by:

  1. Developing effective relationships between staff, parents and others associated with the school.
  2. Engaging in activities or providing facilities or equipment, which support the school and advance the education of the pupils”.

So that is what we will focus on. You will see from our introductions that we are all working parents. My promise to you is that we will always try to keep it simple, make it as easy for you as possible to get involved, listen to your ideas, and be grateful for any support you can provide; no matter how small, it will be most welcome and make a real difference. And we are not alone…we can already count on the support of Mr Norris, Mrs Walton, Mrs Smith (our fantastic School Business Manager), Chef Lisa and her catering team extraordinaire, and all the teaching team and staff. I am immensely grateful to the rest of the Committee for stepping up and volunteering.

We will not always get it right, but we’ll give it a good go. In return, please get in touch – some of you already have and we’ll be in contact very soon. We genuinely can’t do this without you.

You can email us on our new email address – [email protected]

Thank you in advance for your support.

Julie Dyson
PTFA Chair



Introducing your new PTFA Committee team

So this is what we look like on a Friday morning at 8.50am after dropping our kids off in the rain..with no prior warning. Thank to everyone for being such a good sport.


Left to right –  Silke – Kaps – Julie – Raisa – Michelle – Dharmesh

Silke Fernandes – PTFA Co-Chair

I am one of the parent founders of St Jérôme School and have been involved with this school or its idea long before it even existed. Building and strengthening of healthy and vibrant communities has always been my personal and professional passion and is my main reason for joining the PTFA. I have three children – our eldest daughter Anouk is 10 years old and a real creative star, but sadly too old for St Jérôme. Miles is in Year 3 (Beale), most famous for his long curly hair and cheekiness and our youngest, Grace, has started Reception (Matisse) this year. I look forward to building on the amazing work the previous PTFA has done.

Kapil (Kaps) Kara – Treasurer

Hi, my name is Kapil Kara. I have two children at St Jérôme. Dhruvi, my daughter, 7, now in Carlile was part of the first group of children to be admitted to our fabulous school. The pride with which they wore their uniforms from that first day, and the manner in which they have carried the school values through their development has been immensely rewarding. Our son, Kush, still shows the same enthusiasm since his first day in Reception. He still smiles everyday as he goes to school to join his classmates in Turner. This is testament to the amazing staff who make our children’s days in school a pleasant, engaging, learning environment. This is why I have decided to become a member of the PTFA, to make our children’s time at school as memorable as possible.

Julie Dyson – PTFA Chair

Re-bonjour! I am a dual national (French and British), mum to Scarlett (Year 3, Beale) and Axel, who fingers crossed should join Reception in September. I am also a Parent Governor and I chair the Resources Committee (which oversees School Budget and Premises), and the Audit Committee. I chose to stand for PTFA Chair to enable closer ties between the Governing Body, all school staff, and the parent/carer community; and to help prioritise fundraising efforts where the need is greatest.

Raisa Saley – Co-Secretary

Bonjour! My name is Raisa. I am the mother of Adam S in Year 3 and Alisha in Reception. I am a Barrister specialising in Family Law. Friendship and community spirit are very important to me. I hope to foster and develop these qualities for all of us at St Jérôme through being an active member of the PTFA.

Michelle Harris – Secretary

I recently resumed my career as a freelance project manager following a four-year career break to raise two wonderful boys. I am mum to Harrison Williams in Year 1 and Leo Williams, who is due to start in September 2020. My primary motivation for volunteering as the PTFA Secretary is to help raise much-needed funds to support the children’s well-being at St Jérôme, and enhance their overall educational experience during their studies.

Dharmesh Patel – Co-Treasurer

Dad to Maya (Year 3, Beale) and Kayla (Reception, Monet). I decided to join the PTFA to be able to be more involved in my kids’ learning environment.



Permission to allow an estate agent board to be put up by the firm of estate agents who sponsor the Christmas Bazaar or Summer Fayre

PTFA Powerpoint Presentation 17 January 2019