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Mrs Jardella and Mrs Isherwood welcome you to Monet and Matisse Classes

Epiphany Term

November 2019

Our children have been busy celebrating All Saints Day by making a banner of saints. It is currently in the school foyer, so if you have time pop in and admire it.

Our new half-term project is all about food. Find out more via the link below.

Michaelmas Second Half Term Project

October 2019

EYFS Presentation 15 October 2019

September 2019

Starting school. Here’s a great set of games from the BBC to help your child.

 Our Morning Prayer

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for giving this new day to me,
help me to make it one that pleases You,
by doing my best in everything.


Our Lunchtime Prayer

Our End of Day Prayer

We close our eyes and softly say,
Thank you God for school today.


Days of the Week – English


Days of the Week – French


Friends Song

Tidy Up Song – French



Numbers Song 1 – 20 – English

Numbers Song 1 – 20 – French


Colours Song – French


There are many Reception children songs that you can find here: .This board is constantly updated with the new songs we are learning.

Please create a free Pinterest account and follow our constantly updated St Jérôme Pinterest Page, which has a wealth of resources to view with your children. Note that some of the links take you directly onto YouTube, which should not be used without adult supervision at all times. If you access videos through our Pinterest, the Youtube adverts won’t appear and your child will benefit from the link between school and home learning and from the repetition.

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