As part of our Week of Prayer for World Peace we have been decorating crosses.















November 2018

Reception really find the fireworks song wonderful, learning to name yellow and green and laugh a lot whilst singing the “Une patate”. You can see the children singing on our new website page here.  They loved making a bleuet/coquelicot broach they are going to wear for remembrance services. They are proudly manipulating numbers up to 6 and naming them in sequence up to 10.

All resources for home learning support are here:

You can find Mme Chadier’s presentation of 8th November here.

October 2018

Here are the new reception children songs you can find here: .This board is constantly updated with the new songs we are learning. Whilst you are welcome to explore all sections of the St Jérôme Pinterest board, please share as a priority the board 2018-2019 Reception Songs.

Please create a free Pinterest account and follow our constantly updated St Jérôme Pinterest Page, which has a wealth of resources to view with your children. Note that some of the links take you directly onto YouTube, which should not be used without adult supervision at all times. If you access videos through our Pinterest, the Youtube adverts won’t appear and your child will benefit from the link between school and home learning and from the repetition.

At our recent curriculum meeting parents heard from our staff about what children will be learning this year and how to support them with that learning.
The presentation is below.
Reception 2018/19 Curriculum

Phonics and Reading Presentation – 4 October 2018

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