Staff share the traditional Galette des Rois

Each year at the beginning of the Epiphany Term Mme Chadier bakes and shares a galette with the staff team at our Staff Training event.

The galette des rois is a cake traditionally shared at Epiphany. It celebrates the arrival of the Three Wise Men in Bethlehem. Composed of a puff pastry cake, with a small charm, the fève, hidden inside, it is usually filled with frangipane. The galette charm for us was chocolate! The cake is then cut into as many slices as there are guests at the table.

The youngest and most nimble guest is under the table making the critical decision as to who receives which slice of galette as not every slice will contain a charm. The aim is to be served a slice containing the charm which means the recipient will be King / Queen for the day and wear a crown.