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Important Public Health Message: Measles increase in Harrow-Brent schools

22 Jan 2024

We have been advised that the number of measles cases in Harrow/Brent continues to rise. Measles spreads easily and can cause serious illnesses including pneumonia and meningitis.

The letter from North West London Health Protection Team can be viewed in full via the link below.

We strongly encourage all our families to make sure their child’s vaccinations are up to date.  This ensures that the whole community is kept safe.

Please read this letter carefully to understand how you can protect your child and others from measles.


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Activity clubs begin Monday 15th January

15 Jan 2024

Activity Clubs commence the week beginning Monday 15th January

All before and after school activity clubs are now available to book for the Epiphany Term.

Please ensure that you collect your children promptly from their activity club. This is especially important for pupils in Year 3 as some clubs will dismiss at 4.30pm and some at 4.40pm.

Years 1, 2, 3 Clubs – collect at 4.30pm
KS1 Clubs – Collect at 4.30pm
Years 4, 5, 6 Clubs – collect at 4.40pm
KS2 Clubs – collect at 4.40pm

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Planet Club take environmental action

15 Jan 2024

We would love to take this opportunity to celebrate our Planet Club’s actions for the environment.

Last term:

Our Planet Club members (many of whom are also part of our Eco-Warriors Committee):

  • recycled old pens and created new recycling boxes for the classes to keep this year’s pens.
  • helped clean the school playground and encouraged the rest of the children to keep our school clean.
  • made fabulous posters about reducing food waste and protecting endangered animals.

We can’t wait to see what actions they are going to take this term. If you haven’t booked a place for your child yet – don’t worry! There are still spaces for you to do so.

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Staff share the traditional Galette des Rois

7 Jan 2024

Each year at the beginning of the Epiphany Term Mme Chadier bakes and shares a galette with the staff team at our Staff Training event.

The galette des rois is a cake traditionally shared at Epiphany. It celebrates the arrival of the Three Wise Men in Bethlehem. Composed of a puff pastry cake, with a small charm, the fève, hidden inside, it is usually filled with frangipane. The galette charm for us was chocolate! The cake is then cut into as many slices as there are guests at the table.

The youngest and most nimble guest is under the table making the critical decision as to who receives which slice of galette as not every slice will contain a charm. The aim is to be served a slice containing the charm which means the recipient will be King / Queen for the day and wear a crown.

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Performance of schools in Harrow

1 Jan 2024

Overall performance at end of Key Stage 2 in 2023 – all pupils.
Information on the 62 primary schools in Harrow is published on the government website.

Schools are ranked by the % of pupils meeting expected standard.
We are delighted to be in first place.
Discover more here.

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