A Permanent Monument to the Windrush Generation.

15 Jul 2021

A monument has been commissioned by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to recognise how the Windrush generation have enriched our nation’s history.The Monument will be a permanent tribute to a generation of arrivals from the Caribbean to this country – from the arrival of MV Empire Windrush in 1948 and in the decades that followed. It is expected to be unveiled on Windrush Day 22 June 2022.

The monument will be placed within Waterloo Station.
The Government department has asked for people views on the four ideas put forward by artists who are of Caribbean descent. The final artist design will be chosen in Spetember by the Windrush Commemoration Committee and the winner will be announced in October 2021 during Black History month.

You can see four short videos showing the artist speaking about their designs and a link to the questionnaire on the government website here It is a government website, so it is not hugely child friendly.

If you were interested in taking part maybe you could watch the videos with you child and then talk through the questions together. The questionnaire closes on 25th August 2021.

Guardian newspaper article about the statue

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We’re looking forward

13 Jul 2021

It was really exciting to meet so many of our new staff yesterday.
As an expanding school we will welcome new staff each year.
We look forward to opening our first ever Year 5 classes in September and welcoming new children to our school into our Reception classes.

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We won!!!!!!!!!!!

23 Jun 2021

Well done to all our children and staff.


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Pre-loved Uniform

23 Jun 2021

Children just can’t stop growing.

If you have any pre-loved school uniform you wish to donate to our school, please hand in washed items to the school office, after 9am but before 2.45pm.

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Year 4 virtually meet Michael Rosen

22 Jun 2021

Year 4 had the great pleasure on 11th June of attending the virtually held “Our Planet Festival 2021” They listened to a poetry presentation by Michael Rosen.  During the Q&A he even answered our question wishing to know which of the many languages he speaks is his favourite and we were thrilled to hear that it is French!

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Here is our entry

21 Jun 2021

Here is our entry for the French Pop Video Competition organised by l’Institut Français du Royaume-Uni!
A huge thank you to Mr Bunting for having written the music, filmed and edited the video to such a professional level!

Bravo les enfants: vous êtes fantastiques !”

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We are regional winners of French Pop Video Competition

21 Jun 2021

St Jérôme is thrilled to share that our Yr4 pupils have won the regional prize for the French Pop Video Competition organised by l’Institut Français du Royaume-Uni!

We can’t wait to watch the concert and the award ceremony for the finalists on Wednesday 23rd June at 7 p.m.

We would like to invite all of our pupils, colleagues, and parents to tune in for the concert and to watch the final results online on Youtube:

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